Below we have listed all of the games we offer support for, as well as the type of support (insert, token, or accessory).

Game Inserts Tokens Accessories
7 Wonders, 1st ed. (+all expansions) 7WONDER-001
7 Wonders, 2nd ed. (+all expansions) 7WONDER-002
51st State Master Set 51ST-001 Extra Dividers
A Game of Thrones (FFG LCG) LGC-001, LGC-002, LGC-005, LGC-006
A Game of Thrones 2.0 (FFG LCG) LGC-003v2 Small Card Dividers
Aeon’s End AEND-001
Agricola AGRICOLA-002
Agricola (2016 revised edition) AGRICOLA-003
Android Netrunner Revised Core Set (latest retail release) (FFG LCG) LGC-003v2
Android Netrunner (FFG LCG) LGC-001LGC-002LGC-005LGC-006
Android Netrunner: Terminal Directive (FFG LCG) NTD-001
Arcadia Quest (Base) AQBASE-001
Arcadia Quest (BTG) AQBTG-001
Arcadia Quest (GM) AQGM-001
Arcadia Quest:Inferno (Base) AQIBASE-001
Arcadia Quest:Inferno Pets AQIPETS-001
Arcadia Quest:Inferno Hell AQIHELL-001
Arcadia Quest:Inferno Dragons AQIDRAG-001
Arcadia Quest:Riders AQR-001
Architects of the West Kingdom ARCH-001
Argent ARGENT-001
Arkham Horror, 3rd Edition AH-001 Extra Dividers
Arkham Horror: Dead of Night, 3rd Edition AH-001 Extra Dividers
Arkham Horror: Under Dark Waves, 3rd Edition AH-002
Arkham Horror: Secrets of the Order, 3rd Edition AH-001, AH-002 Extra Dividers
Arkham Horror LCG (FFG LCG) LGC-003v2 Small Card Dividers
Arkham Horror: Zealot AHL-001
Ascension ASCEND-001
Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn LGC-002LGC-006
B-Sieged: Core BSIEGED-001
B-Sieged: Darkness & Fury BSIEGED-002
Bloodborne {2021} All content
Blood Bowl: Team Manager LGC-003v2 Small Card Dividers
Blood Rage BRAGE-001
Blood Rage Digital BRAGE-002
Call of Cthulhu (FFG LCG) LGC-001LGC-002LGC-005LGC-006
Caverna CAV-001
Clans of Caledonia CLANS-001
Core Worlds TRAIN-001
Coup™ Rebellion G54 G54-001 Etched Dividers, G54 Tray
Cthulhu: Death May Die! (base) CDMD-001
Cthulhu: Death May Die! (S2/KS) CDMD-002
Coup™ Rebellion G54 G54-001 Etched Dividers, G54 Tray
Damage Tokens (Master)
Devastation of Indines DOI-001, (ASB-002 or ASB-003 + Artist Case)
Dice Settlers DSET-001
Dominion DOM-001, DOM-002, DOM-005, DOM-006, (ASB-001ASB-002ASB-003ASB-004 + Artist Case)
Doomtown Reloaded LGC-002LGC-006
Dragonfire (CGL) XFIRE-001 XFIRE-DIV-001
Dragonfire: Moonshae Storms (CGL) XFIRE-002
Elder Sign LGC-003v2 Small Card Dividers
Eldritch Horror EH-001, EH-002 Extra Dividers, EH-001 UPG KIT 
Everdell (+ all expansions) EVER-001 Everdell Upgrade Kit
Forbidden Stars (FFG) FS-001
Gloomhaven GH-001, GH-001-UPG GH-002
Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles GH-001, GH-001-UPG GH-002
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion GH-004 Extra Character Trays
Hate HA-001
Hate: The Mother Prophecy HA-002
Heroes of Terrinoth LGC-003v2 Small Card Dividers
High Command LGC-002LGC-006
Imperial Assault IMPERIAL-001 Extra Etched Divs
Imperial Assault:Bespin Gambit IMPERIAL-002 Extra Etched Divs
Imperial Assault: Jabba’s Realm IMPERIAL-003, IMPERIAL-004 Extra Etched Divs
Imperial Assault:Twin Shadows IMPERIAL-002 Extra Etched Divs
Imperial Assault: Return to Hoth IMPERIAL-003, IMPERIAL-004 Extra Etched Divs
Imperial Settlers IS-001 Extra Dividers
Keyforge LGC-003v2
King of New York KOTNY-001 STAND-001
King of Tokyo KOTNY-001 STAND-001
Legend of the Five Rings  (FFG LCG) LGC-003v2 Small Card Dividers
Legendary LEG-001, LEG-002
Legendary Encounters (Aliens) LEGE-004
Legendary Encounters (Predator) LEGE-004
Legendary Encounters (Firefly) LEGE-004
Legendary Secret Wars I/II LEG-005
Legendary Villains LEGV-003
Lord of the Rings (FFG LCG, 2018 small box) LGC-003v2
Lord of the Rings (FFG LCG, large box) LGC-001LGC-002LGC-005LGC-006
LOTR:Journeys in Middle-Earth LRJ-001
LOTR:Journeys in Middle-Earth – Shadowed Path LRJ-002
Lords of Waterdeep FANTASY MEEPLES
Machi Koro MKORO-001
Machi Koro Deluxe Tin MKORO-001
Mage Wars MW-001, MW-002
Mage Wars Arena MW-004, MW-005
Mansions of Madness, 2ed MOM-001
Mansions of Madness 2ed, Horrific Journeys MOM-004
Mansions of Madness 2ed – Suppressed Memories MOM-002, MOM-003
Mansions of Madness 2ed, Streets of Arkham MOM-004
Mansions of Madness 2ed, Recurring Nightmares MOM-002, MOM-003
Mansions of Madness 2ed, Path of the Serpent MOM-005
Maracaibo MARA-001
Mariposas MARI-001
Marvel Champions MC-001 Extra Dividers
Marvel Champions: Red Skull MC-002, MC-003 MC-001/002 Dividers, MC-003 Dividers
Marvel Champions: Galaxy’s Most Wanted MC-002, MC-003 MC-001/002 Dividers, MC-003 Dividers
Marvel United (CMON) MU-001
Marvel United:X-Men (CMON) MU-001
Marvel United KS Extras Box (CMON) MU-002
Marvel United Expansions (CMON) MU-003
Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia MASM-001
Massive Darkness all solutions(Learn what you need)
Millennium Blades MBLADE-001 Extra Dividers
Millennium Blades: Set Rotation MBSR-001 Extra Dividers
Munkin Dungeon (CMON) MUD-001
Munkin Dungeon:Box of Holding (CMON) MUD-002
The Others: 7 Sins (base) OTHBASE-001
The Others: 7 Sins Apocalypse OTHAPOC-001
The Others: 7 Sins (team box) OTHTM-001
The Others: 7 Sins (sin box) OTHSIN-001
The Others: 7 Sins (Sons/Men boxes) OTHSML-001
Orleans (TMG edition) ORL-001
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (1st ed) PATH-002
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (2nd ed, 2019) PATH-003 PATH-DIVB-003
Puzzle Strike PUZZ-001
Rising Sun RSUN-001
Rising Sun: Daimyo RSUN-002
Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion RSUN-003
Rising Sun: KamiUnbound/Monster Pack RSUN-004
Rum & Bones: Season #1 base RB-001 & RB-003 (see storage notes here)
Rum & Bones: Mazu’s Dreadful Curse RB-002 (see storage notes here)
Rum & Bones: La Brise Sanguine RB-001 (see storage notes here)
Rum & Bones: Second Tide base RB-001
Rum & Bones: Second Tide Blutrausch Legion RB-002
Rum & Bones: Second Tide Hammers of Ragnarok RB-004
Rum & Bones: Second Tide Iron Inquisition RB-003
Shadowrun Crossfire: Prime Runner Edition XFIRE-001 XFIRE-DIV-001
Smash Up SMASH-001
Sentinels of the Multiverse SOTM-001
Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set SNOW-001
Star Realms – Universal Storage Box, 1st ed. SR-001
Star Realms – Universal Storage Box, 2nd ed. SR-002
Starcadia Quest STARC-001
Starcadia Quest: The ARRRmada STARC-002, STARC-003
Starcadia Quest: Build-A-Robot STARC-003
Starcadia Quest: Showdown STARC-004
Starcadia Quest: Space Marauders STARC-002, STARC-003
Star Wars (FFG LCG) LGC-001, LGC-002, LGC-005, LGC-006
Suburbia SUBURBIA-001
Tapestry TAP-001
Tapestry: Plans & Ploys expansion TAP-001, TAP-001-UPG
Teotihuacan TEO-001
Thunderstone (original) LGC-002LGC-006
Thunderstone Advance LGC-002LGC-006
Tiny Epic Kingdoms (1ed, 2ed) TEC-001
Tiny Epic Galaxies TEG-001
Trains TRAIN-001
Warhammer: Invasion (FFG LCG) LGC-001LGC-002LGC-005LGC-006
Warhammer 40K: Conquest (FFG LCG) LGC-003v2 Small Card Dividers
Warhammer Quest (FFG) LGC-003v2 Small Card Dividers
Wingspan WING-001 DT-001, DT-002 Dice Towers
Wingspan: Oceania WING-001 DT-001, DT-002 Dice Towers
Wingspan: European WING-001 DT-001, DT-002 Dice Towers
Yokohama Deluxe (KS) YHAMA-001
Yokohama Deluxe (Retail) YHAMA-002
Zombicide (S1) ZOMB-BASE-001 Etched Expansion Divs, Large Card Tray, Small Card Tray #1
Zombicide: Angry Neighbors (S3Exp) ZOMB-EXP-001, ZOMB-EXP-002
Zombicide: Black Ops ZI-002
Zombicide: Black Plague ZBP-001 ZBP-003, ZBP-004
Zombicide: Dark Side ZI-001, MD-007
Zombicide: Friends and Foes ZGH-004
Zombicide: Green Horde ZBP-001
Zombicide: Green Horde Horde box ZGH-002
Zombicide: Invader ZI-001, MD-007
Zombicide: No Rest for the Wicked ZGH-003
Zombicide: Prison Outbreak (S2) ZOMB-BASE-002 Etched Expansion DivsSmall Card Tray #2
Zombicide: Rue Morgue (S3) ZOMB-BASE-001 Etched Expansion DivsLarge Card TraySmall Card Tray #1
Zombicide: Toxic City Mall (S2Exp) ZOMB-EXP-001, ZOMB-EXP-002
Zombicide: Wulfsburg ZBP-002 ZBP-003, ZBP-004

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** Inserts, tokens, and accessories listed on this page are not necessarily licensed.  See the product page for more information.

Bit Boxes

Sometimes a game requires more than just an insert to keep it organized.  Our bit boxes are available in a wide variety of layouts and several sizes to provide you with the maximum flexibility when storing game bits.  Each bit box features our innovative friction-based lid and most of our inserts can store a bit box in each lane (see individual insert information for specifics).

Model Design Compartments Size
Bit Box-100 BB-001  2 – 8 215mm x 90mm x 39.5mm high (8.46″ x 3.54″ x 1.55″ high)