Our storage solutions for Rum & Bones: Second Tide can be used to store your Rum & Bones: season #1 base game as well as the Mazu and La Brise expansions + add-ons.  A few notes:

  • you can’t store your season #1 content in the same inserts you are storing your Second Tide content
  • to store Mazu, you will need the RB-002
  • to store the base game you will need both the RB-001 and the RB-003.  The seasons #1 and season #2 content have the same numbers and sizes of ship boards, but they are distributed differently across the base game and the expansions.  For this reason, you will need to move one of your season #1 base game factions to the RB-003 which supports storage for a large ship board,  You can then store your La Brise ship board and minis in the RB-001 along with one of the base game factions.
  • we do not have any of the Kickstarter content, nor add-ons, so we can’t speak to that, but the combination of the RB-001, RB-002, and RB-003 are designed to store EVERYTHING from season #2 with a little room to spare, so you will likely be OK regardless of what you own from season#1.
  • season #1 does not contain small cards, so those spaces will be free
  • season #1 had smaller hero cards, but they will fit in the larger space provided.  The upgrade kit from season #2 provides the new hero cards that fit the insert spaces perfectly,

If you own the three big boxes from season #1, you should grab RB-001, RB-002, and RB-003.  If you only own the base game, you will still require the RB-001 and the RB-003.  That’s tough to justify unless you grab La Brise from your FLGS.  🙂