Privacy Policy

Hey, we collect data about you!  Surprising?  Probably not.  We do, however, promise to keep it private and only use it for good.  That means we won’t sell your information to third-parties.  This site uses cookies too.  I understand this is notable due to some law in Europe.  It shouldn’t be.  Cookies are no longer the cool way to track folks and perform evil tricks.  We use them for simple things like remembering you and keeping your cart active.  If you sign up for our newsletter, we will (surprise) use your email address to send you messages.  These messages will typically be notes related to our products, our sales, etc.  You don’t have to sign up for our newsletter if your don’t want to, but we recommend it.  How else will you know about that awesome new insert we just released?


We sometimes offer pre-orders.  Typically our pre-orders are tied to a third-party Kickstarter campaign.  In these cases, we tie our product delivery to the Kickstarter project delivery, so you should expect delays.  Our goal is to deliver our associated storage products in the same time frame that you will receive your Kickstarter game. In cases when we offer pre-orders that aren’t tied to a specific Kickstarter, delivery times will typically not vary much from the original estimate.  Keep in mind that delivery dates for pre-orders sometimes slip and if you are placing a pre-order with us, delivery could be delayed.  In all cases, we will communicate openly and clearly with pre-order customers if the expected delivery time frame changes.  We consider communication a hallmark of our business model and always seek to communicate clearly with customers.

Pre-order pricing sometimes includes shipping.  We do this to simplify pricing and ordering.  Once products are generally available in our shop, shipping will typically be unbundled from the purchase.  This means that product costs, post pre-order, will typically appear lower, but once shipping is added, prices will actually be higher.   Our goal is to always offer pre-order customers higher value for pre-ordering a product.  Sometimes this will mean we provided a discount.  Sometimes, we may offer additional value in some other way.


If you ask around, you will find that we take customer service seriously around here.  If there is a problem with your order, let us know.  We will get you squared away pronto.  The tabletop gaming community is special and we consider all of our customers friends that we may well be sitting across from next month or next year playing a game.  That’s our mindset when it comes to customer service.  Now, where’s that invitation to Thanksgiving dinner we’ve been expecting…?


We like to keep it simple around here.  Did you buy something by mistake?  Perhaps you decided you just don’t need it.  No problem.  We accept returns of all products in new condition.  The only instance where we might not accept a return is for a product that was custom made to your specifications.  We don’t do much of that, since we stay rather busy just producing and shipping our standard product line, but you should be aware. Oh, and engraved products don’t count as custom; we will let you know if your order is custom.  Keep in mind that we don’t refund shipping fees if we actually sent you product that you later returned.  Finally, you will have to foot the bill to send the product back to us.  Simple and fair.


It goes without saying, but our lawyers said we should say it anyway – If you have a problem (defect) with a product, we are always happy to replace the product.  Just drop us a note.  We’ll get you taken care of quickly.