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BLOODB-003 for Bloodborne™ for Large Exp Boxes


This Go7 Gaming organizer for CMON’s Bloodborne™ offers seven removable trays, providing storage for your minis from large expansions (Cainhurst, Chalice, Forbidden, Blood Moon).  This organizer can be used with either the Cainhurst or Forbidden expansion boxes.

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Ankh All-In Bundle

From $125.08

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ORL-001 for Orléans


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Orléans provides a total storage solution for the TMG retail/deluxe version of Orléans, expansions, plus promos.  Our solution is designed to store Orléans standard components, but can accommodate BGG resin character tokens or the Orléans Deluxe components from the KS and can be stored in the base game box (TMG edition), Invasion box (TMG edition), 2014 Deluxe box (TMG KS).

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ANKH-004 for Ankh: Guardians Set


The Go7 Gaming storage solution for CMON’s Ankh: Guardians Set expansion provides one tray to store Guardians components.

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IMPERIUM-001 for Imperium: Classics/Legends


The Go7 Gaming storage solution for Imperium: Classics and Imperium: Legends provides card and token storage across six (6) removable trays.  If you sleeve, one organizer can store either game.  If you don’t sleeve your cards, one organizer can provide storage for both Classics and Legends (or two copies of one of the games), but with a single copy of the rulebooks.

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DIMP-001 for Dune: Imperium


The Go7 Gaming storage solution for Dune: Imperium + Rise of Ix expansion provides card, token, and tile  storage across five (5) removable trays, four (4) player boards, and one (1) reserve card tray.  The included player boards provide each player with a wonderfully functional solution to organize cards and tokens during game play.  This solution stores the leader cards in the player boards.

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7WONDERS-002 for 7 Wonders™ 2nd Edition + Expansions


The Go7 Gaming storage solution for 7 Wonders 2nd edition (lid of box = 11 5/8″ x 11 5/8″) supports all expansions released as of September 2021 (Cities, Leaders, Armada) and has room for additional tokens, cards, and Wonder boards.

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LRJ-003 for Journeys in Middle-Earth: Spreading War


Our storage solution for Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth: Spreading War expansion includes two (2) removable trays and is intended to be placed inside the publisher’s game box.  This solution provides storage for some larger minis and map tiles.  The rest of the Spreading War components should be stored in our LRJ-001 and LRJ-002 organizers.

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