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MOM-004 for Streets of Arkham


Our storage solution for Streets of Arkham includes eight (8) removable trays, including a convenient railed monster storage tray, and is intended to be placed inside the publisher game box.

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MD-001 for Massive Darkness™ Base Game


Our storage solution for the Massive Darkness™ base game conveniently stores all base game components including player dashboards, class pads, tokens, dice, minis, cards, and tiles.  This kit includes four (4) removable trays and a large base insert that is intended to be permanently stored in your game box.

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GH-002 Top Tray for Gloomhaven™


Our Gloomhaven top tray provides an optional top tray to partner with our GH-001 storage solution.  This top tray offers storage for the player counters, map tiles, board, sticker sheets, and game manuals.  This solution will cause ~20mm of lid lift.

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RSUN-002 for Rising Sun™ Daimyo Box


Our storage solution for the Rising Sun™ Daimyo box (Kickstarter only) provides storage for the Diamyo monsters and Fox clan and includes seven (7) trays.  This solution also provides storage for Dynasty Invasion components, the Monster Pack, and Kami Unbound.

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RB-004 for Rum & Bones™: Hammers of Ragnarok


Our storage solution for Rum & Bones: Second Tide™ Hammers of Ragnarok expansion conveniently stores all Hammers of Ragnarok game components including ship board, cards, tokens, dice, minis and provides extra storage space for other add-on hero packs.

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Storage Solution Bundle for Rising Sun (KS)


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RSUN-004 for Rising Sun™ Kami Unbound/Monster Box


Our storage solution for the Rising Sun™ Kami Unbound/Monster Pack boxes (retail/Kickstarter) provides storage for the components from both Kami Unbound and the Monster Pack.

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GH-001 for Gloomhaven™


Our Gloomhaven storage solution includes support for both the 1st and 2nd editions of this wonderful game.  This storage solution includes twenty-nine (29) trays!

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