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ORL-001 for Orléans


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Orléans provides a total storage solution for the TMG retail/deluxe version of Orléans, expansions, plus promos.  Our solution is designed to store Orléans standard components, but can accommodate BGG resin character tokens or the Orléans Deluxe components from the KS and can be stored in the base game box (TMG edition), Invasion box (TMG edition), 2014 Deluxe box (TMG KS).

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GH-004 for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion includes all the great features you expect from Go7 Gaming – etched monster trays, etched token trays, etched dividers, room for sleeved cards, and our amazing character trays.  This solution does create lid lift (22.6mm with manuals+game board on top or 6.3mm without).  This is primarily due to our decision to use the same character boxes we use in our GH-001, so you can swap characters between games, as needed.

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GH-005 Character Trays for Gloomhaven: Jaws (4x)


This Go7 Gaming kit includes four (4) character trays designed to be used for storing the Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion characters.  These character trays have a special character symbol cutout that is compatible with Jaws of the Lion characters only.  The original Gloomhaven base and expansion characters have the character symbol in a different position and are therefore not compatible with these trays.

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MARI-001 for Mariposas


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Mariposas includes three trays to help you get the game to the table fast and effortlessly.  This solution also allows for future expansion trays, if needed.

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BRAGE-002 for Blood Rage Digital Extras


R-A-G-E and blood…  Our BRAGE-002 organizer is designed to help you store the Blood Rage Digital Kickstarter extras and assumes you have our BRAGE-001 organizer. This kit of six trays provides storage for minis, tokens, the Stag clan, and cards.

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MOM-005 for Path of the Serpent


Our storage solution for Path of the Serpent includes four (4) removable trays, including two convenient railed monster storage trays, and is intended to be placed inside the publisher expansion game box.  The railed monster tray allows for the safe and protected storage of painted/unpainted minis.

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CDMD-002 for Cthulhu: Death May Die (S2/KS)


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Cthulhu: Death May Die Season 2/Unspeakable game box provides a storage solution for your minis, tokens, tiles, dice, and more.  This solution contains nine (9) trays and includes custom etching to aid you in packing everything up once your gaming session is complete.

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AH-002 for Arkham Horror™ Under Dark Waves (3rd edition)


Our storage solution for Arkham Horror: Under Dark Waves includes four (4) removable trays and is intended to be placed inside the publisher’s game box.  This solution provides storage for cards and tokens and includes a custom monster deck dispenser.

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