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MD2-007 for Massive Darkness 2: Medium Expansions


The Go7 Gaming storage solution for Massive Darkness 2: Medium Expansions is designed to store all components from one of the following medium expansions: Feyfolk, Gates of Hell, War of Souls.

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MZ-001 for Marvel: Zombies


The Go7 Gaming Organizer for Marvel Zombies provides eight (8) trays of storage.  This solution provides storage for all of the contents of the Marvel Zombies base game. This solution provides additional storage for map tiles and some expansion minis too.

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MD2-002 for Massive Darkness 2: Darkbringer


The Go7 Gaming storage solution for Massive Darkness 2: Darkbringer KS extras box provides card, token, and minis storage across two (2) trays.  This solution is designed to specifically store the KS Extras content.  This solution requires you to store the map tiles from this expansion in the base game storage solution.

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