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MU-003 for Marvel™ United Expansions


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Marvel United expansions provides card, mini, and map tile storage for the small box expansions.  This organizer also features an optional build that provides additional storage for six (6) minis.  This organizer fits in the Guardians-sized expansion box.

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MC-002 for Marvel™ Champions: Red Skull, Galaxy’s


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Marvel Champions:Red Skull & Galaxy’s Most Wanted provides large and small card storage, as well as player hit point dial storage.  This organizer will provide a safe, structured home for your collection of expansion cards.

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AH-002 for Arkham Horror™ Under Dark Waves (3rd edition)


Our storage solution for Arkham Horror: Under Dark Waves includes four (4) removable trays and is intended to be placed inside the publisher’s game box.  This solution provides storage for cards and tokens and includes a custom monster deck dispenser.

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BLOODB-003 for Bloodborne™ for Large Exp Boxes


This Go7 Gaming organizer for CMON’s Bloodborne™ offers seven removable trays, providing storage for your minis from large expansions (Cainhurst, Chalice, Forbidden, Blood Moon).  This organizer can be used with either the Cainhurst or Forbidden expansion boxes.

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DT-001 Dice Tower for Wingspan


The Go7 Gaming foldable dice tower is the perfect addition to your copy of Wingspan.  This dice tower is designed to be folded and stored in the same space that the Wingspan cardboard dice tower occupies in your box.  This dice tower can be built and used with no additional effort or you can stain or paint it to take your gaming to the next level.

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MU-001 for Marvel™ United Base Game


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Marvel United from CMON provides card, mini, and token storage for the base game.  This organizer provides extra storage room for location cards from the expansions and can store 19 minis total.

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BLOODB-004 for Bloodborne™ for Chalice Dungeon


This Go7 Gaming organizer for CMON’s Bloodborne™ Chalice Dungeon expansion offers six removable trays, providing storage for your minis.  This solution is designed to store expansion minis. This organizer is designed to be used with the Chalice expansion box, but can be used with other large expansion boxes if you don’t mind lid lift.

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BLOODB-005 for Bloodborne™ for Tall Small Expansions


This Go7 Gaming organizer for CMON’s Bloodborne™ offers a single tray, providing storage for your minis and as many as two large, square map tiles.  This solution fits in the expansion box for Hunter’s Dream.  This organizer can also be used in the other small expansion boxes for Mergo’s, Yahar’Gul, or Byrgenwerth, but it will create lid lift.

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