Each of our designs is colorized to produce an ideal cut in a high-volume workshop.  This means we cut from the inside out when it matters and it generally matters a lot on complex layouts.  This snapshot was taken from an 80w Trotec Speedy 400.  We also cut on Trotec 120w lasers and the settings are generally the same for Power (except for engrave), but the speed is higher (1.6 – 1.7 speed).  This snapshot is from the laser at the end of the shift so the speed is just .90.  At the beginning of the shift the speed would be 1.20 for this laser.  This does vary based on the lifecycle of the laser module though.  A new 80w module will generally start its’ life at speed = 1.30 and when the top attainable speed with clean lenses is .80, we replace the module.