Over our ten years of existence, we have endeavored to always keep all our products in stock.  There have been the occasional hiccups that impacted supply of our products, but they have been rare and very short-lived.  Today we find ourselves in one of those situations.  Unfortunately, this hiccup is little more impactful.  A pandemic, an interruption in resin supply due to the Great Texas winter storm, increased demand for our 3mm HDF, and heavy demand for our newer products such as the FH-001 find us without wood.  All of these factors plus a recent wood shipment that was significantly out of tolerance have us taking a short vacation.

We are working to get wood into the shop as quickly as possible and rest assured that anything orderable today is in-stock for immediate shipment. All of our usual wood organizers will soon be back in stock.  We encourage yo u to subscribe the newsletter to be notified the moment the lasers are back online making organizers so that you can get the jump on ordering what you need.  We anticipate a few weeks of downtime.

As always, everyone here at the Go7 family appreciates your business and your understanding