Hi. My name is Bobby Griggs and I’m a passionate collector and player of modern boardgames and one of the things that drives me nuts is spending money on a game and then being forced to just toss the components into the box in baggies after punching all the bits.  A few publishers get it and have produced amazing inserts, but by and large, publishers just toss a cardboard insert into the box and then wash their hands of the mess.

The Story

In late 2012, several of Fantasy Flight Games’ LCGs captured the imagination of my family (Netrunner: The Card Game, Star Wars: The Card Game, and then Lord of the Rings: The Card Game) and we quickly discovered the limitations of the standard game box.  Before even adding any expansions, things were hopeless!  FFG LCGs were begging for an orderly and categorized storage solution…

Evolution of an Idea

In need of a better way to organize and store our card games, I set out on a amazing journey involving lasers, 3D design, and a lot of glue!  While I had done some custom insert work previously to streamline game bit storage, I found working with cardboard and foam board rather limiting.  My introduction to laser cutting in early 2013 opened up a whole new world where I could accomplish my passionate pursuit of game storage perfection.

Passion or Obsession?

The intersection where passion becomes obsession is a dark street indeed, even though the quest started innocently enough.  All I needed was a great storage solution for those LCGs… and Mage Wars.  Man, Mage Wars has so many cards!  

 But then I figured I needed a more general solution for things like Dominion and Yomi, and so the ASB line of inserts were born.  Of course, I can’t forget Agricola.  Man, I love Agricola, but the box was too small for an insert.  I needed an external solution.

Then one day I looked up while working on my fourth or fifth deluxe token set to find my wife looking at me quizzically.  Then she smiled and said, “You know, you’ve put a lot of effort into all of this.  You should share it.  I’m sure a couple of people would be interested in some of the stuff you’ve produced…”

That brings us to today and the 135+ products that we manufacture and stock.  Quite an obsession a hobby indeed! I initially created these storage solutions, tokens, and inserts to organize my personal collection and I hope you can gain even half of the utility my family has, and if so, I will consider this little endeavor a success!

On the topic of hobbies, I have a few thoughts as well. While this may have started as a simple passion to enhance my games and play, rest assured that your order and support is appreciated. Your order will be professionally handled and promptly shipped (generally within 24 hours). By taking this step to share these creations with you, we are committed to ensuring your overall experience with our company is uplifting and inspiring. We treat customers as we expect to be treated, with respect and fairness. After all, you are investing in a premium solution and you should feel inspired and excited from your relationship with Go7 Gaming. And never forget, the game is the thing…