This Trotec Speedy 400 120-watt laser engraver/cutter was purchased in 2016 new from Trotec and has been in continuous service through April 2023.  If you are looking for a dependable piece of equipment, she operates great. She has a few hours on her, but she has many years of life left.  Today she is used for a few hours monthly.

Usage History

This laser was used for 4-8 hours per day, every day since being put into service. The jobs run on this laser were HDF wood cuts and engraving of our logo on HDF. The total service hours on this laser are {hours} as of when this was written.


We cleaned all interior mirrors monthly and the exposed mirror and lens were cleaned daily. Interior is cleaned monthly as well.

The lens has been replaced a couple of times. The tube has been replaced a couple of times as well.

This unit has been in our workshop the entire time where the climate is controlled.


None, as-is.

Test Drive

If you are in the Austin, TX area, feel free to reach out to take her for a test drive in our workshop.


  • 2x old lenses
  • 1x new lens
  • 1 honeycomb table (never used)
  • 1 set of aluminum lamellas
  • welcome kit
  • laser protection googles
  • BOFA filtration unit (AD 1000 IQ)


You will need to pickup the laser, potentially crate it for shipment, and ship it. You will be responsible for the unit from pickup through to your destination. This will generally require a forklift and potentially a liftgate truck (as well as the crate materials). The unit could potentially be put on blocks in a truck and then anchored for a direct trip.

Things to Know

The Trotec lettering on the front of the laser has been mostly removed (the Speedy 400 lettering). Trotec transitioned to the cheap, aftermarket lettering sometime between 2014 and 2016 and the adhesive quality is lacking.



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Payment Method

Wire transfer only.