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BOX-003D External Card Storage Solution


The Go7 Gaming BOX-003D is a medium-sized external organizer designed to store standard and/or mini cards that are common in many games such as Asmodee’s LCGs.  The solution also provides a single, lidded token tray, which is stored in the center lane of the card organizer.  This solution provides a compartment with a swing out door for game rulebooks that uses a magnetic closing solution.   This box uses a two-layer external build that gives the solution a wonderful look.

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CSCALES-001 for Crimson Scales

Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $75.99.

The Go7 Gaming storage solution includes support for both printings of this wonderful fan expansion for Gloomhaven and is comprised of twenty-one (21) trays. Of these, we have included fourteen (14) of our highly regarded character trays. This solution includes storage for character minis (or standees) and also includes two open trays for storage of Gloomhaven components used during Crimson Scales scenarios.

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HEROQ-001 for HeroQuest (2021 edition)


The Go7 Gaming organizer for HeroQuest (2021 edition) provides storage for the base game, Mythic content, and the Keller’s Keep and Return of The Witch Lord expansions.  Our solution uses the base game box to store all components and there are a few open slots to store Commander of the Guardian Knights minis (2) and more!

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MX-001 for Marvel United X-Men Kickstarter Extras


The Go7 Gaming storage solution for Marvel United X-Men: Kickstarter Extras provides card, board, mini, and token storage using eight trays.  This solution does not have room to store all Extras content.  You will need to store ~21 minis/card/board sets in the open spaces in your MX-003 organizers due to all the minis and card sets in the extras box.

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MC-003 for Marvel™ Champions: Red Skull, Galaxy’s+


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Marvel Champions:Red Skull & Galaxy’s Most Wanted provides two lanes of large card storage.  This organizer will provide a safe, structured home for your collection of expansion cards.

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FH-002 Top Tray for Frosthaven


The Go7 Gaming Top Tray for Frosthaven is intended to be used with our FH-001 organizer for Frosthaven and provides two (2) trays of storage.  This solution provides storage for maps tiles, game board, game manual, the puzzle book, and other in-play items. This top tray creates ~67mm of lift.

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MD2-001 for Massive Darkness 2: Base Game


The Go7 Gaming storage solution for Massive Darkness 2 base game provides card, token, tile, and mini storage across seven (7) removable trays and one fixed insert.  This solution is designed to specifically store the base game content.

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MU-001 for Marvel™ United Base Games


The Go7 Gaming organizer for Marvel United and Marvel United: X-Men from CMON provides card, mini, and token storage for the base games.  This organizer can store 19 minis total.  This organizer can store either Marvel United or Marvel United: X-Men, but not both.

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