Given the number of options available during the Kickstarter and the number of storage solutions we offer for ZBP, I thought it would be beneficial if I document what I have and don’t have and which inserts I used to store everything.  This will hopefully give you a good idea of which storage options you will need.

First, you should grab a ZBP-001.  This storage insert will provide plenty of room to store the base game and Wulfsburg.  If you only own these two items (base + expansion), you can stop reading now.  You will have a bit of spare room as well.  You are set.

What We Own

  • Zombicide: Black Plague
  • Wulfsburg expansion
  • All Kickstarter Knight Level Bonuses
  • NPC#1
  • NPC#2
  • 3D Doors
  • Zombie Bosses
  • Counters Base Set
  • Grom & Thalia
  • Murder of the Crowz

What We Don’t Own

  • Deadeye Walkers
  • Plastic Tokens
  • Extra Tiles Pack
  • Deck Holders Set
  • Special Guest: Carl Critchlow
  • Special Guest: Adrian Smith
  • Special Guest: Gipi
  • Special Guest: Karl Kopinski
  • Special Guest: Paolo Parente
  • Special Guest: Stephen Kopinski
  • Special Guest: John Howe
  • Special Guest: Neal Adams
  • Special Guest: Jovem Nerd
  • Special Guest: Edouard Guiton

Plastic tokens can be discounted as they will fit in the token tray provided in ZBP-001.  The ZBP-001 can only hold one set of base+Wulfsburg tiles though, so if you purchase extra tiles, they will need to be stored elsewhere.  We have enough room for the ZBP base + Wulfsburg tiles in the ZBP-001, but that’s it.  Deadeye Walkers will fit in the ZBP-002 (we have room left.)

As you can see, we don’t own 10x Special Guest boxes totaling 40 survivors.  If we stored our doors together, we could store as many as forty-eight (48) additional survivors using a ZBP-001 + ZBP-002 + ZBP-003 + ZBP-004 x 3.  So, we have all survivors covered if you grab a ZBP-001 + ZBP-002 + ZBP-003 + three ZBP-004‘s.

Inserts Used

To store our ZBP content, we used a ZBP-001, ZBP-002, ZBP-003, and one ZBP-004.  Note that at this point, you have the ability to add three (3) more ZBP-004‘s (NPC box, Deadeye box, and Crowz box.  You can look at the images for these products to see how we stored everything and note how much space is remaining.

What Will Never Fit In Our Solution

  • More than eight (8) player dashboards.  The ZBP-001 can store eight dashboards / nine if you leave the top off the dashboard tray.
  • KS dice tower
  • Deck Holders Set

Final Thoughts

If you own everything offered in the Kickstarter including all optional buys, the items in the section immediately above are not going to fit.  The good news is most folks don’t play ZBP with more than 8-9 players.  The deck holders and the dice tower unfortunately just won’t fit into our solutions though, but everything else will with the correct number of inserts.

I hope this helps!

4 thoughts on “Zombicide: Black Plague Storage Notes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will you have an update to store all of the Green Horde Kickstarter exclusives and expansions? I can’t imagine the dragons are going to be easy… I have everything for Black Plague/Green Horde and would love a great storage solution!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I own a Plano box that will hold all the zombies, survivors, and all the tokens and small bits that I will use regularly. If I purchase 001 and 003 is the system modular enough that I could remove a few of the 001 trays that I have no need for and replace them with 003 and have the remaining 001 trays and 003 in the BP box? Do you think this is an option?

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