Things have been busy around here lately…

Our new KOTNY-001 storage solution is available now and is compatible with King of Tokyo and King of New York.  The same kit works for either game. This design was actually started and mostly finished for King of Tokyo in late 2014, but unfortunately, it was pushed aside in favor of other work.  I stumbled across it on the In Progress list a few weeks ago and decided to finish it up.

This design allows for the storage of up to 30 dice, which is a ton of dice.  I know some folks are passionate about their KOT/KONY and have extra dice to keep the game moving quickly, so no need to fret about where to keep all those dice.  There is plenty of room for all available expansion player boards and figures as well.  Each kit ships with two removable trays for tokens and tiles, but you will only need the second tile tray for KONY storage.

Did you pick up the 2016 reboot for KOT?  We have you covered!  Our storage insert will work great for the new KOT release as well.

The KOTNY-001 is a great value at just $13.99 plus shipping and ships individually in USPS flat-rate envelopes for around $6.00 within the U.S.

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