With the release of our storage solution for Rum & Bones: Second Tide, we thought it would be helpful if we took a few minutes to explain what we have and how we store it.  The intention of these notes is to help you decide which solutions your collection requires.

What Do We Own?

Pretty much everything:

  • $100 Pledge Level and all free add-ons
  • Iron Inquisition Expansion
  • Blutrausch Legion Expansion
  • Iron Inquisition Heroes Set #1
  • Blutrausch Legion Heroes Set #1
  • Fairy Tale Hero Pack
  • Tusketeers Hero Pack
  • Cutthroats Hero Pack
  • League of Extraordinary Pirates Hero Pack
  • Metal Coins
  • Marea de la Muerte Custom Dice
  • Deep Lords Custom Dice
  • Iron Inquisition Custom Dice
  • Blutrausch Legion Custom Dice

That covers everything that was offered in the Kickstarter.

What Should You Buy?

First things first – if you bought everything or if you bought the base game and the two expansions, you will need an RB-001, RB-002, and RB-003.  Our full collection stores across these three inserts and we have room for three (3) more small minis and several token tray compartments still available in our RB-003.  Simple enough.

The RB-001 provides storage for the base game, base game faction hero add-ons packs, and the sea monster add-on pack.

The RB-002 provides storage for the Blutrausch Legion expansion and has room to store a bunch more minis.

The RB-003 provides storage for the Iron Inquisition expansion and has room to store a bunch more minis as well.

Basically the RB-002 and RB-003 provide room to store about 50% of the add-on minis each.

We keep our metal coins in the RB-001 and the plastic and cardboard coins in the RB-002.  The RB-003 has several token tray compartments available to store more tokens.

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any questions!