Our new line of storage solutions for CMON’s The Others™: 7 Sins is now available.  To give you an understanding of what you need to store your Others content, read on.

The Others™ is a big game if you bought everything.  To make things more challenging, the minis vary in size.  While the game is not card heavy, it is cardboard heavy with tons of map tiles, acolyte boards, hero dashboards, and tokens.  Our design approach targets two main audiences – the retail base game buyer and the all-in Kickstarter backer.  If you own a little more than the retail base game or a little less than everything in the Kicktarter, you will find your perfect solution, but it will take a little legwork to determine exactly what you need to purchase to support your collection.

If you own just the base game, you only need a single item: OTHERS-001.

If you own the base game and all expansions and Kickstarter content, you should purchase:

You will not need a OTHSM-001 tray since the OTHAPOC-001 provides mini and hero dashboard storage for the Sons and Men expansions.

Beyond the two choices above, consider that the OTHERS-001 solution handles the base game.  The OTHAPOC-001 is needed to store the large minis in the Apocalypse expansion and this insert also provides storage for the two small box expansions (Sons & Men).  The OTHAPOC-001 is the only insert beyond the OTHERS-001 base insert and the team inserts (OTHTM-001) that provide hero dashboard storage.

If you have the two small box expansions (Sons & Men), but don’t have Apocalypse, you should grab a OTHSM-001 tray.  One OTHSM-001 will hold all the minis from the two small expansions and you can store the associated hero dashboards in the other empty box.

Each OTHSIN-001 insert can store two (2) Sin expansions with room for Sins boards at the top or one (1) Sin expansion and twelve (12) acolytes, plus boards on top.  Each OTHTM-001 can store two (2) expansion teams minis and their player boards, as many as ten (10) map tiles, twelve (12) acolytes, and two (2) acolyte boards.

Finally, our token trays will accommodate either the cardboard tokens or the add-on premium plastic token set, but not both.