This is a quick update to let new and existing customers understand the current state of storage with our solutions for Imperial Assault.

With this latest release (Wave 9), we have 1x IMP-001, 2x IMP-002, 1x IMP-003, and 1x IMP-004 in use.  One of our IMP-002s has room for more tile storage and the IMP-004 has room for additional growth.

The new Wave 9 figures all fit fine in the IMP-004 solution with room for more card, token, and minis growth (~20 more minis).

1 thoughts on “Imperial Assault Update: Wave 9

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any lcg inserts curently that is suitable for the upcoming Legend if Five Rings LCG that is going to be released soon.

    Grateful if you can advise

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