Worried about storing your new Mansions of Madness: Horrific Journeys expansion?  No worries!

We made a small change to our MOM-004 solution and now everything fits fine through the Horrific Journeys expansion.  If you purchased your MOM-004 prior to December 28, 2018, we have an upgrade kit that you can purchase that replaces the existing minis tray – MOM-004-UPG.  The only change we made was replacing the storage area for the medium monster mini with rails to support a large monster mini.

What Do You Need?

  • If you own the 2ed base game and all seven expansions (Recurring Nightmares, Suppressed Memories, Beyond the Threshold, Streets of Arkham, Sanctum of Twilight, Horrific Journeys, Path of the Serpent), you will need our MOM-001MOM-002, MOM-003, MOM-004, and MOM-005 storage solutions to store everything.  With these five inserts + core + seven (7) expansions, you will have room to store everything. In addition, you will have room to store additional small cards, investigator cards, dice, future tokens, many more map tiles, and fourteen (14) additional investigators (the MOM-001 top tray is used to store the jumbo map tiles).
  • If you only own the base game (2ed), then you only need the MOM-001.
  • If you own the base game and one expansion, you will need the MOM-001MOM-002, and MOM-003 storage solutions, since the MOM-002 stores tiles and the MOM-003 stores investigators.  If the one expansion that you own is Beyond the Threshold, you can get by with just a MOM-001 and MOM-002, but the two investigators from BtT will need to be stored in the MOM-001 top tray or elsewhere. If you do go ahead and get a MOM-003 as well, it would be empty except for the two investigators. Finally, if the one expansion you own is Streets of Arkham, Sanctum of Twilight, Horrific Journeys, or Path of the Serpent, you need the MOM-001 + MOM-004.

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