I have just finished spending some quality time with The Bespin Gambit and the other Wave 6 minis.  I’m happy to say that if you own one of everything in the line, our current IMPERIAL-001, IMPERIAL-002, and IMPERIAL-003 solutions together will store everything.  Things are getting tight, but based on the preview of the three Wave 7 figures, it looks like everything will fit through Wave 7.

A few observations:

  • Our IMPERIAL-001 insert is totally filled.


  • Our IMPERIAL-002 insert is totally filled with map tiles.  There isn’t any room left for larger map tiles and you do have to carefully arrange the tiles to get all the larger tiles in there.  If you prefer to categorize/separate your tiles by release, a second IMPERIAL-002 insert in the Bespin Gambit box will provide a roomy solution.  It fits fine.


  • Our IMPERIAL-003 insert is almost totally filled.  We own one of everything and we have room for six more standard sized minis.  That means Wave 7 should fit fine.


  • Any releases beyond Wave 7 will require another Hoth-sized box or larger to provide adequate storage for future releases.
  • A full set stored in all three inserts across three boxes, with 2 extra sets of dice, weighs 19 pounds!

8 thoughts on “Imperial Assault Update :: Wave 6

  1. Anonymous says:

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    • Evan M. says:

      I realise now, that its a stupid thing to do to lug the lot around! Instead, what I need is a container for 2 lists for skirmish, and just the parts required for that, ideally that would fit in a bespin or shadows box. most people use Plano boxes or similar, but I wonder if this could be a product people might buy if you made it? Then you would only need to bring that one box, plus another box for your tiles.
      Naturally when playing campaigns one would need to bring more. But I personally only play campaign 1/4 of the amount I play skirmish so the lugging of all the boxes would be largely reduced by the above product idea. Thoughts?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have all 4 expansions, with all 3 products from Go7. I’m thinking of getting a 2nd map tile insert for my Bespin box.
    NOW the problem is a bag to carry it all! As was mentioned above, its weighing 19 pounds these days.. Trying to unlock the car door while balancing these with the other hand alone is not going to end well.
    Anyone got any good links?

  3. Bobby G. says:

    I’m considering a Bespin insert with extra card storage and perhaps some new token storage. The card situation is getting out of control (especially if you sleeve) and the tokens are about to overflow their trays in many cases.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update. I was waiting to buy the Hoth insert (I have the other 2), to see if there was going to be a new release one as well. Good to know that they will all fit. I think that the Bespin Box will fit all of the Allies and Villains cards and paperwork, which I still store each in its own plastic bag, so that I can have each one organized as its own unit. I was piling them in on top of the base game, but it was getting over full. Love these inserts. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is super helpful to know–thanks for the update! Will you post more pics of the collection? If I get an insert this would probably be the one, but that much money buys a lot of minis so I remain on the fence.

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