We offer two distinct lines of inserts: Value and Heritage.

To help you quickly decide which insert you need, we have produced the table below, which provides a quick and convenient comparison of the inserts that are offered across both lines.

Game Insert Heritage Line Value Line
LGC (original design) LGC-001 – $20 LGC-005 – $14
LGC (new box design) LGC-002 – $20 LGC-006 – $14
Dominion (unsleeved) DOM-001 – $20 DOM-005 – $14
Dominion (sleeved) DOM-002 – $20 DOM-006 – $14
Pathfinder ACG PATH-001 – $31 PATH-002 – $24
Mage Wars Arena MW-004 – $20.99 MW-005 – $16.99

Value Line Inserts

While assessing our product line in early 2015, we noticed something interesting.  Our competitor’s insert offerings were generally priced about the same as ours.  However, their offerings generally didn’t include an insert base, which provides additional strength, and their offerings provided less dividers made of wood, not acrylic.   Our core  design philosophy is to engineer game inserts that look amazing and will last a lifetime.  Of course, there are tradeoffs.  The main tradeoff is cost.  The inclusion of an insert base and acrylic dividers means a higher cost and a higher shipping cost.  The average cost to ship one of our Heritage line inserts is ~$11.00 due to the size of the packaging.  By not including an insert base and using wood dividers, our competition is able to fit many of their inserts into flat-rate envelopes, which reduces shipping costs by almost 50% for single inserts.

As part of our effort to reduce shipping costs, we decided to assess our entire product line and re-design and re-package a new line of inserts using a lower cost approach.  We removed insert bases, but provided additional structural support to strengthen this new line of inserts.  We also eliminated acrylic dividers in favor of wood dividers.  With these changes, we noticed something amazing.  The cost of this new line of inserts is significantly less than our Heritage line of inserts and our competitor’s equivalent inserts.  I can only assume the reason our competitor’s “Value Line-equivalent” offerings are priced up there with our Heritage Line offerings is because we have failed to properly inform buyers about the differences.  Consider yourself informed.

In addition, we have designed these new Value Line inserts to fit into less expensive USPS flat-rate envelopes.  This is a huge win for U.S. customers and will also reduce the shipping costs for our international customers.

I would like to emphasize that our Value Line inserts use the same high-quality HDF that our Heritage Line uses.  They are based on the same fundamental designs, with additional structural supports to allow for the lack of an insert base.  They are very sturdy and will serve your storage needs well, but at a lower insert/shipping cost.  In addition, all of our new Value Line offerings include in-package construction instructions.  We are working to create in-package instructions for our Heritage Line inserts too, but that will take some time.  In the meantime, you can refer to our web-based build instructions for the Heritage Line inserts.

We get that the game is the thing.  Your decision to buy an insert is driven by your desire to have faster setup/cleanup, and to have a better storage solution  We want to fulfill your organizational needs at the lowest possible cost.   I challenge you to investigate our competition’s offerings.  You will be shocked by the price differences.  In most cases, you will be able to buy one of our new Value Line inserts and a couple of additional sets of dividers for about the same price as competing offerings.

Heritage Line Inserts

Our original inserts and our original design philosophy aren’t going anywhere.  This line of inserts utilizes acrylic dividers and includes a base for the insert, in most cases.    These inserts are structurally designed to provide a rock-solid enclosure to protect your cards and bits for a lifetime.  Of course, they cost more to produce and to ship.  Also, because of the inclusion of the base, they are a little easier to build.  The insert base provides an almost foolproof platform for building.

Not every game will have a Heritage and Value line offering.  Some designs require a base, while others don’t require dividers, or only require a couple.  In these cases, the insert will be placed in our Heritage line.  In cases where we can design a lower cost alternative, we will provide a Value line option.

Your choice of insert is a personal choice.  Sometimes it will be dictated by aesthetics.  Sometimes by price.  Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products at a price that allows you to organize your games, reduce setup and teardown time, and simplify game play.  As always, the game is the thing.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs a lot.  With the introduction of the Value Line, shipping costs for a unit or two will in most cases drop below $6.  The unit cost of a Value Line insert is also as much as 30% lower than a Heritage insert, so in many cases you will be able to order and have a Value Line insert delivered for less than just the cost of a Heritage Line insert.