With the release of Zombicide Wulfsburg, we were happy to discover that our current storage solution for Zombicide: Black Plague accommodates the new components, mostly.  There is room for eight of ten player dashboards; nine if you leave the dashboard tray lid off.  The tenth dashboard will fit in the box in the dashboards tray, but it does cause a little box lift.  So, mostly fits… 🙂  What we didn’t have covered was name tabs for the new components.  We have produced a little upgrade kit for all purchases prior to May 16, 2016 that provides three name tabs so that you can store your Wulfsburg components in your ZOMBBP-BASE-001 insert.

The upgrade is free, however shipping does apply.

Also, once the Kickstarter components are shipped, we will see about designing a nice solution for the Wulfsburg box to store the rest of the goodies.

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