Around here at Go7 Gaming HQ, there are only a handful of games that we have played hundreds of times.  Agricola is one of those games.  In fact, it is very likely the most played game in our collection.  Today we are positively buzzing with excitement to announce that we have concluded an agreement with the fine folks at Lookout Spiele (Lookout Games) in Germany to produce storage solutions for Agricola.  This means that our Agricola chest is a licensed product and we will be offering the engraved Agricola logo on the top of the Agricola chest, as well as on the top of the Bit Box-008, which was initially designed to provide token and tile storage for Agricola and available expansions.

This agreement is retroactive and therefore, all Kickstarter backers of the Agricola chest will have the ability to request (free) that their chest be engraved, too.


We look forward to delivering the Agricola game storage chest to our Kickstarter backers in March and the rest of the world following Kickstarter fulfillment.

Lookout Games is known for many fine games including Agricola, Caverna, Le Havre, and Ora et Labora to name just a few of the many titles they have published.

On the off chance that you don’t own Agricola, please proceed to your nearest game store and grab a copy!

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