Where has all of the acrylic gone?

Unfortunately, worldwide demand for acrylic has crushed supply over the past two months as businesses across the world are using acrylic to erect cough guards in stores and offices.  This has put immense pressure on manufacturers and the acrylic supply chain, but they are simply unable to keep up with demand.

Go7 Gaming’s Acrylic Supply

Go7 Gaming is running out of acrylic!  We have a standing order with our supplier, but we don’t expect that order to be filled for 6 – 8 weeks (end of July).  In the interim, we are no longer producing new acrylic dividers and we are holding back a limited amount of acrylic for those products that must use acrylic (primarily board overlays).

What This Means for You!

If you are buying an organizer that ships with acrylic dividers, you may receive wood dividers.  We will continue shipping our remaining stock of acrylic dividers until they are gone and then we will produce and ship wood dividers.  We know many of you prefer our acrylic dividers; we do as well.  As we run out of acrylic dividers, we will be putting those products on sale with a $3.00 discount. In any order where we have to substitute wood dividers for acrylic dividers and we just ran out of acrylic dividers and the product was not yet discounted, we will refund $3.00 per substitution. The $3.00 amount is based on a divider count of 15x.  The refund/sale price will be adjusted accordingly for higher and lower divider counts.

* any product you find on sale on the site is impacted and this means you will receive wood dividers.

Feel free to reach out to us here with any questions?

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