With the release of our new line of storage solutions for Arcadia Quest: Inferno now released,  I wanted to take a moment to explain the capabilities and limitations of this line of solutions.

First, let’s cover what we own.  We purchased the KS Hell of a Pledge, which includes:

  • Arcadia Question: Inferno
  • Hell of a Box
  • Whole Lotta Lava
  • Poison Dragon

Then we purchased all additional items:

  • Arcadia Question: Pets + Cerby
  • Arcadia Question: Frost Dragon + Hilda
  • Arcadia Question: Chaos Dragon + Nina
  • Arcadia Question: Fire Dragon + Hoshi
  • Mamba & Rosh
  • Anvil & Valma
  • Viola & Crash
  • Yona & Kuruk
  • Pet Pack #1
  • Pet Pack #2
  • Hellfire Token Pack
  • Plastic Token Pack
  • Inferno Guild Bags
  • Inferno Guild Dice Pack

So we have a complete collection from the Kickstarter.  Never mind that we had to get a second mortgage on the house to pay for it all.  What’s important is that we have it all!

Q: So, given all the content, what can’t we store across the collection of inserts we have designed?

A: The only thing we can’t store for you is a duplicate set of tokens.  If you did not buy the plastic token add-ons (Hellfire & Plastic), you are fine.  If you did purchase these two add-ons, there is only room in the token boxes for the plastic upgrade tokens or the cardboard, but not both.  If you own everything (excluding extra dice and dice bags), you will have 1 empty pet mini storage slot and 2 empty standard mini slots.

If you purchase a complete set of the core storage solutions (AQIBASE-001, AQIPETS-001, AQIHELL-001, and 2x AQIDRAG-001), you will find room for the guild bags here and there across the inserts, however the AQIHELL-001 has space under the dragon token tray for dice bags.

Also, the dice storage tray in the AQIBASE-001 only has room for 24x dice, so any dice beyond that will need to be stored elsewhere – perhaps in the empty storage area in the AQIPETS-001 insert (it can hold another 20 dice or alternatively the Frost Dragon ice boxes.

The Inserts

AQIBASE-001 – Generally speaking, the AQIBASE-001 is designed to store the core Inferno contents, so this will work great for you if you buy just the base game in retail.  This insert provides map tile, card, token, mini, game manual, and player board storage.

AQIPETS-001 – The AQIPETS-001 solution is designed for the Pets box and it stores the entire contents from the Pets box, plus it stores additional figures and cards.  For example, it provides storage for all pets including the pets from the KS Hell box and pet add-ons.  In this way, all of your pets will always be in the Pets box.  The AQIPETS-001 solution also offers additional large and small card storage and provides additional minis storage for add-ons you may have purchased.  This insert also has a handy compartment to store those 8x ice boxes that are included with the Frost Dragon (or 20 extra dice).

AQIHELL-001 – The AQIHELL-001 solution provides storage for minis and also includes token storage for the dragons, as well as additional storage for Quest-sized cards.  It also has room under the dragon token tray to store dice bags, ice boxes (Frost Dragon), and other items.

AQIDRAG-001 – The dragons are insanely large.  Once the wings are attached, they become a little more challenging to store in the original boxes.  We have designed a single solution with two build possibilities to store two dragons.  So if you own all of the dragons, you will need two of these solutions.  This solution is 1.5″ taller than the original box, so keep this in mind.  We do provide a lid with this solution though, so if you choose to, you can use these solutions alone without the original box.  This solution is solely designed to store dragons.  The cards and tokens that ship with each dragon are meant to be stored in the larger solutions above.  Alternatively, you can certainly store you cards in the AQIDRAG-001, but there is no dedicated storage space for them.  You will need some baggies.  Your choice.

Each of the large solutions has room for manuals and larger card stock items on top of the solution and all of the solutions allow the box lids to close flat.

If you own everything and purchase our entire line of solutions for your game, you will have a little bit of card storage remaining (sleeved) and three empty minis storage slots.  That’s it.  Of course, since you own everything, you won’t need those spare minis slots, so you can use them for the bags, dice, or whatever…

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