Our new storage solution for Forbidden Stars (FFG) is now available.  This beast has thirteen (13) trays of HDF goodness and each faction has its own tray for cards, tokens, and minis storage.  This solution also features etched component names in the compartments in each resource tray so your fellow players will always know where each resource belongs.


  • four (4) removable faction storing trays for storage of cards, minis, and tokens (using a small token tray with lid that stores inside each faction tray). Each faction tray includes three (3) wooden dividers to separate faction cards by type.
  • one (1) removable top tray that provides storage for faction mats and rulebooks
  • one (1) removable tile tray for map tile storage
  • one (1) large, removable tray to store round tracker and the following minis: factories, bastions, and cities
  • two (2) removable, stacking token trays with lid to store your tokens, dice, and warp tokens

The publisher box is quite roomy and this afforded each resource tray tons of room to store tokens and minis.  The result is a super functional solution that speeds setup, breakdown, and aids during play.

Due to size and weight, this solution ships USPS Priority Mail outside of the U.S./Canada.

Learn more about our new storage solution for Forbidden Stars here.

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