This is a quick update to let new and existing customers understand the current state of storage with our solutions for Imperial Assault.

We have designed a new solution, the IMPERIAL-004, to account for FFG’s latest release Jabba’s Realm.  The IMP-004 storage solution will fit in either Jabba’s Realm or Return to Hoth.  The IMP-004 does raise the box lid when used ~1.2″.

With this latest release, we have 1x IMP-001, 2x IMP-002, 1x IMP-003, and 1x IMP-004 in use.  One of our IMP-002s has room for more tile storage and the IMP-004 has room for minis (~25 more minis), token, and card growth.

Generally speaking, it looks as though the current solution outlined above should provide ample storage until the next big box release.

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