We currently offer complimentary engraving on the top of any storage chest.

Our second licensing agreement was concluded with Rio Grande Games the week before Thanksgiving.  We love Dominion and we are proud to be able to offer Dominion logo engraving on our chest, case, and Bit Boxes.


Our fourth license agreement was concluded during our Kickstarter in December 2013 with DoubleSix Dice.  We offer all Bit Boxes models with the DoubleSix Dice logo engraving option.


Our third license was announced during the last week of our Kickstarter with Minion Games.  The license allows us to offer logo engraving for Futuristic Metal Coins and Metal Dragon Coins in support of the storage needs of backers of these Minion Games Kickstarters.



Our sixth license was announced during the last week of our Kickstarter with Level 99  Games.  This license allows us to offer logo engraving for the BattleCON games, Devastation and War of Indines. We have also designed a custom insert for the Devastation of Indines publisher box.  For the BattleCON line of games, we are offering three different logo engraving choices:

battlecon-1 DOI WOI-engrave

Our fifth license with Conquistador Games was also announced during the last few days of our Kickstarter.  Conquistador Games is know for The New Science, Tomorrow, Road to Enlightenment, and of course, their amazing Kickstarter for The Best Damn Metal Gaming Coins Ever!  Dirk and company went way, way overboard and have produced a huge assortment of different coins for backers of the Kickstarter and once the coins are delivered to backers, they will be available for purchase from the Conquistador Games website.  Of course, the question we always ask when we see a pile of gaming goodness is how to best store it…


Next up on the licensed engravings list is Agricola.  We received the Agricola license just after our Kickstarter, but the license was retroactive, so all Kickstarter backers were offered this option if they purchased an Agricola chest!


In January 2014 we completed an agreement with Bezier Games to produce small custom chests for Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition and to produce storage solutions for Suburbia.  The Ultimate Werewolf chest is available now and the Suburbia solution(s) will debut late 1Q2014 or early 2Q2014.


At this time we aren’t able to accept custom art files from customers for engraving purposes. While ownership of the source art copyrights is a concern, proper layout of art for engraving is really the key challenge, along with the variable engraving time associated with one-off image files. This is something we will be looking at as a potential offering in 2014. Stay tuned.

– Bobby/Go7 Gaming