Hi there!  We wanted to take a moment to let all of our customers know that Texas is frozen and our power is out, so our computers are cold and our lasers are unable to go pew-pew.  This and the fact that UPS and USPS are not picking up means that we are currently huddled around our fireplace, soaking up as much heat as we can.

Once we get power back and we defrost the lasers, we will get production back up.  If you have an open order with us that has not yet shipped, we will began shipping again as soon as power and shipping services are back online.

We expect shipping to resume by next Monday, February 22, worst case. If you need your order cancelled and refunded just drop us a note using the contact link and we will take care of you when power is restored.

tldr: we lack power, but we will begin shipping again once the snow recedes, the power is restored, and the carriers resume pickups again.  We expect this to happen by Monday, February 22, worst case.