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Kickstarter Launched!

We have launched our Kickstarter campaign here. Why Kickstarter?  It’s important that we can gauge [...]

BGG.CON or Bust!

A couple of the Go7 Gang will be attending BGG.CON this week to play games [...]

Pandante from Sirlin Games

Hey, I encourage you to check out the Pandante Kickstarter from Sirlin Games. I’ve always [...]

Sleeving Cards & Our Inserts

Discussions revolving around sleeving cards are akin to discussing politics or religion in an open [...]

Pre-Ordering Will Be Active Soon!

Pre-ordering will be activated as soon as we finalize a few more things. Today you [...]

Custom Engraving Options

We currently offer complimentary engraving on the top of any storage chest. Our second licensing [...]