Masmorra Reversed Lid Replacement Program

It has come to our attention that a number of Masmorra units were shipped between late February through mid-April with a reversed “Tokens” lid.  This was due to a number of units being produced with an older design.  We understand that not all Masmorra storage solution owners were impacted by this issue and that some of you noted the issue during build and accounted for the issue.

If you are affected by this, your “Token” tray lid etching will be on the underside of the lid when you place the lid on the tray.  We want to make things right by sending you a new lid that will have the “Tokens” etching on the correct side of the lid for your token tray.

Please fill out the form and press submit and we will send you a replacement lid free of charge.  You will find the code needed to submit the form below in the email that led you to this page.

Please use the email address you received this email at as this is your order email address and it will be used to determine your shipping address.

Your original order will be used to determine the number of replacement lids to ship.   If you placed multiple orders for Masmorra units, we know this too, so no worries.

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