It has come to our attention that some copies of Gloomhaven 2nd edition contain minis with bases that do not fit properly in the character trays in our GH-001 storage solution.  This variance appears to be due to manufacturing quality control issues with the minis because our measurements show significant variance in mini base sizes for the same minis in the game.  For reference, all first edition minis we have measured fit fine.  Therefore, if you have 1st edition Gloomhaven, you should be fine.

We have modified our character tray design to account for this issue moving forward and we have created this survey for our customers to report whether they are affected by this issue.

You can quickly and easily test whether you are affected by this issue by taking a character tray base and placing the larger inner divider walls and then placing your minis in the slot as illustrated.  If your mini base rises above the inner divider wall, you are affected.  Be sure to spin the mini around to ensure it seats properly for this test.

If you are affected by this issue, we will ship you replacement plates #1-13 for your sixteen small character trays and one large character tray.

Please accept our apologies for this issue if it affects you.  The 2nd edition minis we tested did not suffer from this issue.