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We have a few cool upgrades for Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games and we are exited to share that these products are “Officially Licensed Accessories for Summoner Wars.” Summoner Wars has always been a favorite around our house and we own everything released to date.

The Summoner Wars Insert fits into the second edition master set box and provides the ultimate storage solution for your decks. It has enough room to handle all cards and the custom faction dice, assuming you don’t sleeve your cards. If your cards are sleeved, you will want to consider a larger storage solution such as the EXT-001 chest. Next, a set of double-sided Summoner Wars Damage Tokens will help keep your cards relatively clear of token build-up during play and can be especially helpful on those walls that are getting beat on. Finally, a Summoner Bit Box will store your custom damage tokens and your play dice separately, in style.

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