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Summoner Wars Bit Box

Summoner Wars Bit Box

This large Bit Box features five (5) compartments and an innovative friction-based slide top that will keep your bits safe and conveniently divided for that quick game of Summoner Wars, whenever. Bit Boxes are shipped in kit form, unfinished. Instructions are provided. This Bit Box features a top with the Summoner Wars logo engraved on […]

Summoner Wars Damage Tokens

Have you been beating on that Summoner for a while, and now you can’t see the text on the card due to all the damage tokens stacked up? Tired of stopping to count the damage on that wall as you take yet another shot at it? Perhaps you’re just a passionate Summoner Wars player and […]

Summoner Wars Insert

Below you will see my Summoner Wars collection, with promos and custom faction dice.  As you can see, there is still plenty of spare space for tons more second summoner expansions as long as you pack your custom faction dice a little closer. This insert is designed to fit inside the second edition Summoner Wars […]

Sleeving Cards & Our Inserts

Discussions revolving around sleeving cards are akin to discussing politics or religion in an open forum.  I won’t advocate one way or another, as it is a personal choice, but for the sleeving crowd, it’s important that you understand the limitations of our various storage solutions when your cards are sleeved. Recommended Sleeves Bottom Line: […]

Custom Engraving Options

We currently offer complimentary engraving on the top of any storage chest. At the moment we have one choice available, the Summoner Wars logo. Plaid Hat was our first license deal (and Summoner Wars is a longtime favorite around the house). We have several other license deals in various states of discussion at the moment […]

SW-DIV-002 Dividers (15)

This package of fifteen (15) acrylic dividers can only be used with the Summoner Wars Insert. Product Notes This divider is a DIV-002 style divider. The DIV-002 design allows for the attachment of Post-it Durable Hanging File Folder Tabs (adhesive) for divider notes. Always measure your game box and cards to ensure that the product […]

EXT-003 Storage Chest

Everyone around my house has nicknamed this chest “The Tallboy.”  The EXT-003 chest is a monster, especially once you load it with cards and bits!  I developed this specifically to house my Star Wars: The Card Game collection.  This chest allows enough room to store each objective between dividers.  The EXT-004 would also be a […]

EXT-001 Storage Chest

This external storage chest is a general storage solution for card-centric games.  It works great for games such as Netrunner: The Card Game, Dominion, Magic, Pokemon, etc. The EXT-001 features card storage lanes, legs to allow the chest to be lifted quickly and easily, as well as two (2) bit lanes to store Bit Boxes […]